How much will I be paid for publishing my book with Superchamp Books?
We offer a 10% royalty rate (paperback) and 35% royalty rate (eBook) on each contract. Publishing your book with Superchamp Books will not make you rich. But it will subsidize your rent, buy you (and maybe your friends) a few rounds of drinks each month, bring you fame, glory, and bragging rights, position you as an expert in your field, and help you grow your following. Oh, snap! Then again, if you help promote your book right, it might make you rich after all.

Do you pay an advance?
Keep this in mind: Most authors never (ever) (like ever) see a royalty payment, often because they never recoup their advance.  Our focus and strategy is on maximizing monthly revenue for you and us, so our resources are better served in those efforts. However, depending on your experience, notoriety, topic, and condition of your manuscript, we pay a minimum advance between $300 and $2,000.  For 'Best Damn Writing' titles: $0-$300. 

When will I be paid?
We’re an author-driven publishing company with a special place in our hearts for emerging authors. In other words, we get it: You need money. Advances (if any) are paid at signing. You will receive your first royalty payment no later than 60 days after your book is published and your advance (if any) is recouped.  Thereafter, you will receive your royalty payment monthly (rather than bi-annually or quarterly like most publishers).  All royalties paid out via PayPal.

Will my book be edited?
Every book we publish is edited by experienced and qualified editors within our production network.

Does my book need to be typeset before I submit it?
No. Typesetting — as well as copyediting and proofing — is our job; it’s part of the deal. We incur all production costs.

When will my book be published?
Depends on the shape of the manuscript when we receive it. But we aim to publish new titles 3-6 months after we green light them. For example, if you have a series of essays previously published online that you think would make for a great book? Under our 'Best Damn Writing' anthology series, we’ll get that book to market 2-4 months after signing.

I submitted a query and it would be really helpful to hear some constructive criticism as to why it was rejected, can you quickly look at it and let me know what I can do better?
Very sorry but we just don’t have the time or resources to do that. While we carefully read every single query, there are a number of reasons why many don’t get selected. But, if you’re a good writer with a useful idea, it’s likely we’ll be interested in publishing your book. Either way, please do not be discouraged from submitting again.

There is already a successful book on the market covering my topic, will you still consider my query?
There’s no monopoly on success. If you have something to add, be it a unique perspective or new information, yes, we will certainly consider your query.